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RegionIndo-Asian Strains - Afghanistan, India, Nepal, and Southeast Asia
BreederNative Strain
CommentsA small dark green bush, with sweet smelling flowers. The stone is mild. Height 1 to 2 feet Flowering time 6 to 9 weeks. Yield 1/4 to 2 oz Harvest outdoor Aug 25 to Sept 1/March/April sotuh Hemisphere
Mighty Mite-Emery Seed-Catalogue

Pure Ruderalis, despite flowering automatically, finishes in no less than 10 weeks if AT ALL. There is absolutely no use for the plant other than setting flower in equatorial varieties. This comes directly from Nevil and my own experience.LadyJ

"Ruderalis: real Ruderalis is a single stem plant like a willow whip and x number of weeks after germination will begin flowering irrespective of light hours. Once this is in a strain it never goes away even if all auto flowerers are weeded out, it will reappear after a generation or two when the genes recombine to the dominant form its like sickle cell anemia except you cant tell the carriers with Ruderalis. Ruderalis doesn't have large colas either.

In the early days of wild strain collection, indicas from western Afghanistan were often mistakenly called Ruderalis they were early flowering with large colas. They also will often initiate flowering early, but can be reveged. The difference is that with real Ruderalis once flowering is initiated it cant be revegitated you can root cuttings with just a few flowers under 24 hr lighting and it just makes tiny colas. It's not a thing to pass on to future generations.

You can't tell if the (Ruderalis) gene is in a plant by the look. A friend of ours was developing a version of white widow from a Canadian source extremely potent and resinous after several generations auto flowering turned up so they destroyed the whole line seed stock and all. Why do you think there might be Ruderalis in your strain it seems pretty unlikely to me.

A couple of Canadian seed banks have used it quite a lot. In Holland its hardly been used at all, Nevil experimented with it and dropped it. Sensi sell a hybrid version and it is in Swiss Miss / Myst but that's about it. Ot1