Silver Haze & Super Silver Haze

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StrainSilver Haze & Super Silver Haze
Typeindica + sativa highs
DescriptionSuper Silver Haze:
Pedigree: Composed of the most commercial strains, known to the civilized world, Skunk, Northern Lights + Haze, royally bred from 3 precious High Times Cup winners.

Awards: 1st place High Times Hydro Cup '97 and '98, 1st place High Times Grand Cup '98.

Strength: Overpowering combination of indica + sativa highs, it leaves you gasping for reality.
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SpecificationsFlowering Times: Indoors: 8-10 weeks, with top yields and heavy resin production. Outdoors: Finishes by end of Oct. in Northern hemisphere, or end of May/June in the Southern Hemisphere.

This complex hybrid is the cutting edge in practical Haze hybrids designed to astound both the grower and smoker alike. Highly Recommended. from Greenhouse Catalogue
CommentsBreeding SSH: NL#5 Male × Haze female: the main traits you are trying to obtain from the Northern Lights #5 is the short height and, if possible, the trichome gland production; the only characteristics you seek from the Haze are the high and flavour. Once you have a stable version of those two, cross a NL#5 × Haze male with a Skunk#1 female, thus making it "Super".

The main reason Greenhouse Seed Co. created SSH was because a little while back quite a few people were upset with the consistency and potency of the NL#5 × Haze, so the Greenhouse breeders crossed it with a Skunk to give it more stability and up the ante on potency. The difference between Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze is the NL#5 is the male in the original cross of SSH, while Haze is the male in Jack's original cross. From what I can recall reading Jack has a tendency to show a bit of favoritism towards its tall, lanky Haze father.

The SSH leans more towards an Indica growth pattern due to the NL#5 daddy. As far as breeding your own SSH, why do that when you can obtain a finished, stable version already? Chances are you will never achieve the same results as Greenhouse Seed Co

The Dutch breeders who come up with these strains have hundreds upon hundreds of plants, both male and female, from which to choose. They also have Pure Haze available, I've never heard of anyone outside of Holland possessing a true Pure Haze. Even Neville's Haze has a miniscule amount of Northern Lights in the mix. Geronimo

Now, onto Neville's Haze... I wish I could tell you how Neville came about producing the strain. I know he worked with the Northern Lights family alot. I think the way genetic makeup works is the male provides the dominant genes, the female recessive. If that be the case, he crossed Pure Haze male with a NL female until he came up with a cross that had the Haze dominant high with NL growth characteristics.

As you know, Haze won't ever stop stretching when flowering causing running buds and sordid other annoyances. If you have seen a Neville's Haze bud you can almost imagine that happening. The base of the bud is shaped like NL, while the top and middle tend to "foxtail" and never reach the density of the base. Once again, I can't definitely say but I would guess he crossed Pure Haze male with NL female. Pros...correct me if I am wrong. Geronimo

I'm growing Neville's Haze! Just started them less than three weeks ago. I'm more than confident that this is the real deal even though it's a small part NL#5. By the look of the seedlings, I'd say a Haze x NL#5 was crossed with a pure Haze that Greenhouse has had for a long time. Two-fifths of the seedlings show some indica in their leaves while three fifths of the seedlings show no indication of indica.

At least 20% have extremely long, narrow leaves- more so than I've ever seen in a seedling. All of them started growing side branches as their third set of leaves developed. All of them have narrow stems, and there's quite alot of internodal distance between sets of leaves. I vegged them for less than two weeks before I put them on 12/12. I'll keep everyone informed, but I didn't want to tease anyone 'cause the seeds are hard to find. I believe, however, that some seedbanks will be carrying this strain soon so just hold your horses for awhile. 67ed

(Which Haze is best?) Well Neville's Haze is very close, it does have a little indica in it, but it's very good. Skunk Blunt

Silver Haze - This bud is so crystally that it looks silver, as its name portends, but underneath the crystal layering are actually dark-green buds with flame-orange hairs in clusters all around the bud. These buds are fairly difficult to break up due to their density and leave a tacky (but tasty) film on your fingers. The stems taste like flower nectar. The smoke is sweet and pleasant and tastes mild but a bit piney. The high hits you right away with a stony, vegetative high that could leave you wandering around Dam Square wondering which way your hotel is. **** Amsterdam Reviews

I have Silver Haze from sensi seeds (96 Catalog) and it is remarkably easy to grow! It consists of Silver Pearl x Haze. All I can say is it's my first Haze mix, but it is so easy to grow, at first I did'nt even think it really had Haze to begin with. But once smoked, all those true colors really shined. This shit is my favorite out of 5 strains I currently grow. Bdubs

Do yourself a favor and try the "Silver Haze" from Sensi. The first time I tried it I got 6 seeds, and got 6 plants. 4 female, and I guess I got lucky, cause they turned out unbelievable. Buds turn out hard as rocks/ and were grown alongside Herer and Mango. Figured it would be a strecher like Herer, but not the case. Nice and controllable for a Haze cross. I can't stress enough the quality of this breed. Good luck, bro. Bdubs

I have grown Sensi's "Silver Haze" (Silver Pearl x Haze) and surprisingly, they were extremely manageable, and didn't really over strech at all. Perhaps just a better cross. I found SH to be right up there with the best I've smoked, and I've tried quite a few. I'm about 2 1/2 - 3 weeks from a great batch of Great White Shark (15 plants). As far as lighting, I got plenty. Running a 600 HPS PL reflector and a 430 HPS PL in a 6 x 5 room / 5' x 5' is my canopy. Bdubs

Silver Haze, start on 12 hours, wicked smoke, beautiful buds late finisher, from Sensi. Delta 9

I love Silver Haze, been growing it for a few years now from the seed I picked out of my bud in the Sensi Cafe. Silver Haze performed very well in scrog. The branches tend to flower all the way down which seems to be the characteristic you want to look for in a good scrog. Also, as Cha Cal has said about the Durban, thin sativa leaves don't crowd like those indicas.

The Sweet Tooth didn't put on the weight. Nice plant but it is a head on a stick type so the bending added little weight, it seems reluctant to flower those side branches. Cinderella came close to Silver Haze in weight but so frosted and ridiculously potent makes up for little less weight. It's true the Cinderella is quite dense, especially for what looks like a mostly sativa plant. But, I've smoked the original and am growing the 88 and it is a great plant, more potent than anything I've seen since A-dam

Silver Haze has a pretty loose bud structure but real big buds to make up for it in weight. I got seed from Sensi and it is really potent, tastes like citrus. It didn't finish early enough for me up north but got real big. If it's available anywhere I think you would not be dissappointed. trstno1

I had the opportunity to acquire some Silver Haze from Henk in late September. They got through customs just fine. I germed in soil of a fine mixture in early October. Of 12, 11 germed and unfortunately 5 turned out to be herms with largely male characteristics. 2 true males, 4 females. Fairly broad, medium degree leaf serrations, and max 7 blade leaf structure. These babies grow fairly quickly in veg under my 250 HPS with 320 supp florescent.

Problem was though in flowering as this strain took too long to finish. Took about 6 months total. Very deceptive in that the buds will look beefy, but the hairs take more time to turn than any other stain I have encountered. My guess is that this strain will perform much better in high light - temperature situations. I am going to try outdoors now and compare. Under the 250 light and the fluoros I got some nice 6 - 8 inch colas but they were not as tight as a big light setup would produce.

I accidentally pollenated more bud than I had intended to when my pollen collection cup hit the fan... whoops...oh well, now I have enough seed to grow a small forest. And believe me when I say they ought to rename it Redwood bud. Next time I think I'll try something more suited to my setup like NL. Patient Grower

(indoor sativas?) I like the way Durban grows, though a bit prone to stretching and slightly increased chance of hermi. Medium yields of good high grass (no problems smoking large amounts). To try and increase yield slightly, we are now trying Kali Mist -it will hopefully prove very rewarding. You may also consider Silver Haze (Silver Pearl x Haze, don't know who makes this now), which is a smaller version of Haze, with a more manageable flowering time, and Kerala Skunk (Positronics) -which is very sweet and pungent, medium yield, very brain-centered high. They can all finish small (3 ft) Retro13

I've grown silver haze this year outside for the first time, and its ok. I live in northern europe so i had to force flowering around the end of july. It finished last week, and the harvest was pretty good. It yielded more then the skunk x haze i also grew this year. The flavor is very mild, and the scent is light fruity. (reminds me a bit of good 'ol' orange bud.)The high seems to be activating and a bit trippy.

The leaf/flower ratio on this variety is very good. Except for the high perhaps, i don't think this variety can be counted as a "haze" though, for that there is too much influence of northern lights in it. Smurf

The Super Silver Haze in Adam was great. It was a bit spicy with enough sweetness from the Silver Pearl to please. The SSH had a great head high that was a visual delight. It made my heart race a bit. Neville is the man! I also met a guy that still has his 89' NL#5xSk#1 cross and he's giving me clippings! told me he gets 1lb per 1000w light every 8 weeks with 3 monster christmas tree like plants. This plant has been sought after for a long time now and some of the sensi breeders told me that adam has nothing any better than that 89' strain. Damion

Super Silver Haze IMHO was one of the strongest I have smoked. I had to literally sweet off the high before I could function. Thought I was going to die in Amsterdam. Uncle Jed

I just harvested the second Super Silver Haze and am impressed; it has a strong Skunk#1 taste and stone, lots of resin, sticky as G-13 and good yielder, mine went 70-80 days. El Niņo on the other hand is a disappointment: White Widow predominant, soft smoke, about 8.5. I'd give SSH a 8.9 -9.0. Neville's Haze is finally harvested and will give a report soon. Labud

I have Neville's Haze and SSH, both are great. SSH it's crossed with Sk#1 and finishes in about 80 days, it's a good choice. La bud

Well, I made it back alive from the Dam and man was it crazy. My friends and I sampled 26 different kinds of weed in five days, here's the list:

Haze, Kali Mist, Silver Haze, Skunk #1, Godzilla, Super Silver Haze, Peacemaker, Double Bubble, Yellow Cab, Medicinal Leaf 4077, Wobbler, Grey Mist, Super Skunk, Soma Skunk #5, Northern Lights, White Widow, Northern Lights x White Widow, Widow x Kush, AK-47, Jack Herer, El Niņo, Shiva, Fido Crystal, California Orange, Dutch Star, Purple Bud, Grey Mist Kif, Temple Ball Hash.

My overall favorite in the Amsterdam trip was the Super Silver Haze. The high is really amazing and the flavor is spicy, you feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and your consciousness has been expanded. The first time I smoked it, it felt like the first time I was high all over again. I couldn't believe how stoned I was. Most of the Dutch weed was spicy/tobacco/hash flavored, and my guess is that this is what they (the Dutch) like because they mix it with tobacco so much. I couldn't imagine Blueberry tasting very good rolled in a joint with the "brown leaf."

Some other strains I really liked were Silver Haze, Haze, and Kali Mist. Medicinal Leaf 4077 is another good one from the Grey Area. It's real unique, it knocks you on your ass and makes you feel off-balance and unable to move.

A nice hangover herb. Almost all of the weed was outstanding, there were only a few I didn't like. California Orange tasted alright, but not that great, and the high was, IMHO, dirty. Super Skunk and Skunk #1 were also letdowns. My favorite coffeeshops were: Grey Area: bongs and bubblers! Also a very nice menu, fresh buds, and friendly people. De Dampkring: A great place to get fucked up. When I was there two American guys rolled a 3 gram joint of Kali Mist and sent it around the bar!. Greenhouse: overpriced buds but a good shop nonetheless. The sleeper award goes to the Greenhouse Effect. This shop was down the street from my hostel and I had read about it on Homepage Amsterdam, so I decided to check it out. Their Silver Haze was awesome, one of the best buds I smoked on the trip. Their special, a NL/White Widow cross, was also really good.

Next to the Grey Area, this was my favorite place to just sit and hang out. The worst buds award goes to Homegrown Fantasy. What a let down. Most of their buds were old and dry and their selection wasn't very interesting. Sensi Claus

No, I never made it to Ingemar's shop. I couldn't find an address in the phone book. As for the Peacemaker, it was really good weed, but not my style. I smoked this one in Paris (brought it back from a weekend in the 'dam), so my mind wasn't as clouded as it was in Amsterdam. The high was incredibly strong and VERY introspective. Not a couch-lock weed, but heavy. It almost felt like a mushroom head-buzz where you comtemplate deep thoughts.

This was a couple people's favorite, though. I tended to get down and paranoid from thinking about such heavy things so much. The happier high of the Super Silver Haze was more to my liking. The Soma Skunk was another weed where I managed to get a good sample, a friend twisted up a little over a gram into a joint so we could get the full effect.

The taste was just amazing, one of the best of all the weeds I tried. A skunky/fruity flavor. The only weeds I thought tasted better were Shiva (sherbet!) and Haze. Even though I was already really high when we smoked it, it was strong enough to give a noticeable buzz. I was coming off of the mild mexi shrooms and had smoked a lot of Kali Mist.

The Soma was a heavier buzz that complemented to crackheaded energy of the Kali nicely. I could feel waves of relaxation sweep through my body, and stoniness sweep through my brain! Sensi Claus

I went to Amsterdam a few months ago, and had the opportunity to try about 27 different kinds of marijuana. My personal faves as far as high were:

Super Silver Haze (#1, this bud rocks!)
Kali Mist (Greenhouse)
Silver Haze (Greenhouse Effect)
Haze (Homegrown Fantasy)
Some others I found very nice were:
Godzilla (Greenhouse) -for sheer power, this was near the top
Double Bubble (Grey Area) -nice light up high
Grey Mist (Grey Area)
AK-47 (tried both Greenhouse and Grey Area, both good)
Medicinal Leaf (Grey Area) -very narcotic, I almost couldn't walk after smoking this, and my balance felt out of whack, almost like sea-legs

Soma Skunk -an opium-like high, great taste

Shiva - (Bushdoctor) great sherbet like taste, resinous buds, great relaxing indica high (but not at all couch-lock), more like lower-power NL

Skunk#1 (Howngrown Fantasy) -buds were old, weak compared to the other Dutch strains

California Orange -the only disappointment in all of the Grey Area's buds. Weak high and flavor.

Don't you wish Dank Ass Bitch seeds were for sale? After smoking pretty much everything A-dam has to offer, all I can say is that California's and Hawaii's best dope is every bit as good. All that is needed is some quality control! The best nugs I score from Cali actually surpass the best I sampled in the 'Dam (Kali, Haze, Super Silver Haze, and Silver Haze). But there's also that weed that smells like hay and tastes a little premature (the Humboldt outdoor, no doubt). But Dank Ass Bitch looks better than anything I've ever grown, and better than any of the plants I saw in A-dam! Props to California for their excellent breeding! It's my guess that the outdoor populations help a lot to add diversity to the indoor genetics, a topic where the Dutch seem to lag, too much inbreeding. Sensi Claus

I purchased Super Silver Haze seeds in Amsterdam in March and the plants are some of the best I have ever seen! I have grown WW, NL#5 x Haze, Great White Shark, El Niņo, Chronic and Warlock. And the SSH rocks above the rest -no question! Hank

I bought Super Silver Haze in Amsterdam directly from Greenhouse. Out of everything available in Amsterdam (including all kinds of hash), I smoked Super Silver Haze about 40% of he time because it was the nicest tasting smoke in Amsterdam. Most Amsterdam smoke has little taste in my opinion. But the Super Silver Haze from Greenhouse had a spicy taste, that everyone I shared it with commented on. Most of the plants I grew with seeds bought in November, are about 45" tall, but I bend then over almost in half so they are only about 26" high not including the rockwool. I get lots of various size buds that are pointy on top when fully mature, with a long top branch of buds about a 18" long that you could call a spread-out cola. One plant I pruned in veg.

Toped at the 4th node than again a week later. It created 4 main colas with only 4 or 5 side branches, it is just about ready. It will be less than 30" mature (not bent at all) and very compact not as wide) compared to the other Super Silver Hazes (and much easier to manage) For SOG, you would need to be a master at controlling the growth patterns. But if you know how, you could get (4) four cola Super Silver Hazes per sq foot, or at least 3 that could yield at least 22 grams of dry manicured bud. I have not had pure Haze so I can't comment on the existence of the Haze component.

It is supposed to be crossed with Neville's Haze, one of the world best Sativas. The high is complex, slightly up. I need to study it more but it is up there with the best, but not the strongest, per se. But most people will like this strain. Every one like different things. This is not my very favorite. I can tell you it was a relative bitch to manicure compared to Great White Shark and Manatuska Tundra and other strains that have more compact buds before curing.

It manicured like White Widow, the buds were fully formed after 7.5 weeks like WW would be after 10 weeks. You have to go in deep with cutting shears and get out a lot of little leaves that are best removed. It takes time. I'll always grow Super Silver Haze, but probably one plant every other grow.

I'll keep a mother of the best and continue my search for the "plant of my dreams" I recently fell in love with Blue Velvet. If anyone can suggest other potent, "state of the art" great tasting strains, that I might acquire by mail, regardless of yield (I grow for my own enjoyment), I would appreciate any suggestions. Sticker

After 60 days of 12/12 my Super Silver Haze grow is starting to mature. The buds are covered in a thick layer of frosty resin. So far the smoke is just as I remember it; very strong, great fragrance, and very up, talkative high. I will post more info as the harvest completes. Bandit

The Super Silver Haze grew extremely tall and yield was relatively low but the stone is very strong, clear, and "up". Dale

Smoked SSH it in' Dam. Tastes like Haze and looks like Northern Lights #5. The high is serious sativa. Not the creative type of sativa high though, it is the "Jeez, I am sooo high it took me an hour and a half to realize I was going to hit that again" kind of high. Hell, I even remember the day I tried it, a couple of the fellows I had met over there and myself were sitting around in one of the hotel rooms, b.s.'ing. There were 6 of us, each with a different bomber burning... I think there was some White Butterfly (a++), some Afghani #1, I think I had Orange Bud w/ some Nepalese Temple Ball hash mixed in for fun y'know... and then someone passed me a spliff of the SSH...whew!

After all the other shit we had been burning that day, the SSH hit me just like I described. I'll goes as far as saying it hit all 6 of us the same way because all the other joints burning went in the ashtray to stay and we kept having to tell whoever just toked to pass the toochie on the left hand side.

I would guesstimate the Haze part of the high lasted about 3 hours or so with the Skunk's mellow feel right alongside. The NL#5 part of the herb was always there too, it just didn't take the dominant role until the Haze/Skunk started wearing down and then, WHAM! Time to watch "Cow and Chicken" in Dutch and drift off to slumberland. Lone Smoker, you have a truly great strain comprised of three of the world's most well-known plants. Some of your babies may not be deserving of any awards, but one of them is bound to kick ass. Geronimo

I tried SSH at last years cup, I agree with you one hundred percent about the potency! Out of the 50 or so strains I ingested SSH was one of my top 5, #2 to be exact. The others were Himalayan Gold (1), White Butterfly (3), White Rhino (4) and Great White Shark. It seems as though I am biased towards Greenhouse...I'm not really...alot of other strains were very, very good, just not outstanding in any fashion. They all got me truly obliterated just the top 5 I named had several charactersitics that really stood out, Himalayan Gold's "deep thoughts" and 70's throwback flavor. Butterfly's spine tingling high and buttery, smooth taste. The Rhino also had a distinct flavor, beautiful gold resin and was the only "couch-lock" weed that made me crave more.

The Shark had a sickeningly sweet smooth smoke and a rancid stench only a true skunk lover could admire. I tried as many of the other banks and coffeeshops herb as I could ,but many of them were too green, improperly cured, or average. Geronimo

I have been smoking for 29 years, I tried SSH in Amsterdam last week, it rates right up there with the best I ever smoked, my wife picked it up at the Greenhouse. Geronimo you called it just right, it cuts through the other highs. Not only is the high tremendous, the taste is so smooth and creamy. I found several pots that were excellent... 4 Way, White Widow, Kali Mist, they are in the Jr. League compared to Super Silver Haze! A1adiver

As a 29 year smoker I cast my vote for SSH. A1adiver

I sampled appox. 20 diffrent types of pot in Amsterdam 3weeks ago, Super Silver Haze by Greenhouse was by far the most potent smoke I tried. Excellent buzz and taste! Waiting on SSH beans now. A1adiver

Super Silver Haze is Super Skunk x Silver Pearl x Haze, this is what I was told last month at the Greenhouse in A'dam what a wonderful smoke, it is very strong to smoke all day though. For a milder high but excellent taste try the 4-Way from Homegrown Fantaseeds. Makes my mouth water just thinking of them! A1adiver

I just finished looking at the flyer that came with the 1998 Cannabis Cup Judges Sampler I got from Greenhouse...Super Silver Haze is NL#5×Haze×Skunk#1. Whoever told you Silver Pearl and Super Skunk were parental contributors was fabricating or completely blazed. As I understand it, Silver Pearl is a Sensi Seed Co. strain, so I can't see Greenhouse Seed Co. attaching the name to their strain. It's also hard to fathom that Sensi Seeds would let that happen anyway. The closest you will get to the strain info you posted (and still shop at Greenhouse Seed Co.) is El Niņo...Super Skunk×Haze×White Widow. Not trying to stir up a pissing contest, just wanted to impart some info. Geronimo