Super Silver Haze

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RegionNew World Strains - The Americas, Hawaii and Caribbean
StrainSuper Silver Haze
TypeMostly Sativa
OriginMr Nice
DescriptionPedigree: Composed of the most commercial strains, known to the civilized world - Skunk, Northern Lights + Haze. Royally bred from 3 precious High Times Cup winners.Awards: 1st place High Times Hydro Cup '97, '98, 1st place High Times Grand Cup '98.Strength:

Overpowering combination of Indica + Sativa Highs. It leaves you gasping for reality. Flowering Times: IndoorsThis complex hybrid is the cutting edge in practical Haze hybrids designed to astound both the grower and smoker alike. Highly Recommended. -Green House Seed Co. catalogue

This is a Northern Lights/ Skunk crossed with a Haze, that took 1st place at the '98 and '99 Cannabis Cups. Good yields, and heavy resin production. This complex hybrid is the cutting edge in practical Haze hybrids designed to astound both the grower and smoker alike. Highly recommended.
Green House Seed Co. catalogue2002

Pic by Aldous
Day 40 400watts

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Flowering time 8-10 weeks Harvest outdoor End of October. May/June in southern Hemisphere
Green House Seed Co. catalogue
CommentsClose sources say Arjan bred the SSH (nl x haze x skunk )in the Sensi Seed breeding rooms (Cannabis Castle) with royally bred Sensi strains. It's basically the same exact thing as Jack Herer, but with one difference. Arjan had some reputed misunderstandings with Sensi Seeds, and took the strain with him, accidentally leaving behind his notes (woops!).

The key difference is that Neville donated his special pure isolated "Haze" strain to the SuperSilverHaze which made it slightly better than Sensi's version. Neville went on to screw Arjan in much the same way Arjan screwed over Sensi. Tobes

I bought Super Silver Haze in Amsterdam directly from Greenhouse. Out of everything available in Amsterdam (including all kinds of hash), I smoked Super Silver Haze about 40% of he time because it was the nicest tasting smoke in Amsterdam. Most Amsterdam smoke has little taste in my opinion. But the Super Silver Haze from Greenhouse had a spicy taste, that everyone I shared it with commented on.

Most of the plants I grew with seeds bought in November are about 45" tall, but I bend then over almost in half so they are only about 26" high not including the rockwool. I get lots of various size buds that are pointy on top when fully mature, with a long top branch of buds about a 18" long that you could call a spread-out cola.

One plant I pruned in veg. Toped at the 4th node than again a week later. It created 4 main colas with only 4 or 5 side branches.. It is just about ready. It will be less than 30" mature (not bent at all) and very compact not as wide) compared to the other Super Silver Hazes (and much easier to manage). For SOG, you would need to be a master at controlling the growth patterns. But if you know how, you could get (4) four cola Super Silver Hazes per Sq. foot, or at least 3 that could yield at least 22 grams of dry manicured bud.

I have not had pure Haze so I can't comment on the existence of the Haze component. It is supposed to be crossed with Nevil's Haze, one of the world best Sativas.

The high is complex, slightly up. I need to study it more but it is up there with the best, but not the strongest, per say. But most people will like this strain. Every one likes different things. This is not MY very favorite.

I can tell you it was a relative bitch to manicure compared to Great White Shark and Mantanuska Tundra and other strains that have more compact buds before curing.

It manicured like White Widow, the buds were fully formed after 7.5 weeks like WW would be after 10 weeks. You have to go in deep with cutting shears and get out a lot of little leaves that are best removed. It takes time. I'll always grow Super Silver Haze, but probably one plant every other grow. I'll keep a mother of the best and continue my search for the plant of my dreams. - Ananda

(To breed SSH you need to start with a) NL5 Male × Haze female. The main trait(s) you are trying to obtain from the Northern Lights #5 is the short height and, if possible, the trichome gland production. The only characteristics you seek from the Haze are the high and flavour.

Once you have a stable version of those two, cross a NL#5 × Haze male with a Super Skunk female, thus making it "Super". The main reason Greenhouse Seed Co. created SSH was because a little while back quite a few people were upset with the consistency and potency of the NL#5×Haze. So the Greenhouse breeders crossed it with a Super Skunk to give it more stability and up the ante on potency. Plus, I'm sure they needed something "new" to enter in the Cup.

The difference between Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze is the NL#5 is the male in the original cross of SSH, while Haze is the male in Jack's original cross. From what I can recall reading Jack has a tendency to show a bit of favoritism towards it's tall, lanky Haze father. The SSH leans more towards an Indica growth pattern due to the NL#5 daddy.Geronimo

I just harvested the second SSH female. and am impressed it has a strong SK#1 taste and stone, lots of resin .sticky as g13 ....and good yielder mine went 70-80 days. -la.bud

Super Haze is Skunk#1 crossed with Haze. It is exclusively produced by Dutch Passion Seed Company. I smoked a half ounce of it when it was still called Haze/Skunk. It won the High Times Cannabis Cup under that name. The buds are huge, dense and just beautiful. Very high high! Very clear, not foggy like a lot of local Sativas. Extremely potent and tastes herbaliscious! The flowering time for Silver Haze is still high -65 to 75 days, like Super Haze, but you should get a huge increase in yield growing Super Haze. Hookat

I would definetely say Haze/Skunk is a 9, as I wouldn't know a 10, since this would render top among potency. I was taking three tokes at a time, and that was all I needed. Dutch Passion has ran some tests on their varieties, giving the level of THC and CBD of each variety, Haze/Skunk was rated at 11.9% THC (total weight of bud). I don't need extremely potent weed to get high, and with Super Haze it didn't take much at all.

A friend made a living by growing and selling, and Haze/Skunk was one of the 5 different varieties that he brought back from A'dam, and the only skunk selection he had was Haze/Skunk, so I bought a half-ounce. It was as potent as any weed I've ever had, but it wasn't a knock-down, drag-out stone, but a "soaring" high. The taste is out of this world. It's not as acrid as Skunk#1. It's very spicy and tastes like herb should taste. Hookat

I have both Silver Haze and Haze x Skunk in early bloom outside right now (clones bought in Amsterdam). I planted them around half may. The Haze x Skunk is a relative compact plant that looks really great. Its about 1m high, 1,25 m in diameter and very nicely branched conically like a christmas tree.

The flowers seem to be compact and plentiful (every internode) and the odour is very nice. Less pungent then Skunk, but I doubt if it will taste like Haze, there seems to be a lot of Skunk in it. It reacts relatively fast to a change in light regime.

After 4 days of 12 hrs the first flowers appeared. The Silver Haze looks much more like a sativa with longer internodes and sparser leaves. I topped it when it was very small so it wouldn't get too tall, and this has turned out nicely.

The plant is also about 1 m in height and about 1.50 m in diameter. The appearance of flowers was fast (also +- 4 days) but they are leafier and more concentrated on the tops of the branches. The smell is much softer then the Skunk x Haze and much "hazier" (if you have smoked real Haze you know what I mean, there is nothing like it!). I grow them outside so this is a bit of an experiment for me, since I heard that sativas do better outside then inside. Smurf
There's just so much subjectivity that goes into assessing the quality of any given bud. You've just got to try out as many buds as you can, and decide for yourself. The best strains I've smoked were: Jack Herer, White Widow, Haze/Skunk and Thai. You can't go wrong with any of these. Hopefully more folks will offer up what their faves are. Then maybe you'll get some kind of consensus. BK Greenthumbs

I used to have a Durban x Haze/Skunk. It was a very kick-ass plant that was about as potent as Haze x Skunk but matured in about 70 days. Durban by itself is not that potent but it packs a good up high, and most of all it matures very early for a sativa with decent yield. It also forms more dense buds than most sativas. Skunky

This may be of interest to those wishing to grow killer sativa outside and have it mature. I grew Haze#19 from TAC and had 80% of the plants start flowering after 3 months regardless of day length. I have no explanation for this but I talked to Mike at TAC and he said that this is common with Haze #19 which is very variable.

We are still getting 14 hours of daylight and my Haze has been flowering for two months. It is typical Haze potency but you need to be fairly experienced to grow it properly unless you have a good location. The reason being that it grows very tall and spindly and it also grows very fast. Dynamite

If you like sativa I have a strain that is very good. Perhaps you have tried it. It's a cross between Superhaze and Super Skunk. The best female and the best male have been crossed in 3 generations. The seeds was originally bought from Sensi seedbank. It's an "up" high and you really feel irie. Quentin

The seeds where ordered from Dutch Passion. We crossed the best female of the Skunk with the best male of the Superhaze (Haze x Skunk). I don't really know how high the yield is with this strain, because this is the first time we grow this strain with only females. Quentin

Harvested 4 strains Thai (f2) original from DP, Thai x Haze/Skunk, Strawberry Blonde (from Amsterdam coffee shop), and Jamaican (from the island) flowering times varied between 9-13 weeks, Strawberry Blonde was the quickest and Thai the longest, some of the Thai did finish as early as 10 weeks though.

Yields were largest for pure Thai with one fem giving 80g, averaged about 40/plant (flowered at 6-9 inches). Stawberry was moderate at about 30g/plant, Thai x HS about 35 g/plant, and Jamaican around 15g/plant. overall was 500g for 1000w hps during flowering (4x4 table)

The Thais were pretty stretchy finishing about 5 feet total length but bent in scrog set up. the rest were significantly less stretchy, most finishing at about 2-3 feet (all flowered about6-9 inches) the high and taste varied alot. They all have nice sativa tastes some of the thai are mild fruity spicey and some slightly piney. the Jamaican quite sweet as well with Strawberry Blonde

The Thai x HS had nice taste and slightly musky. All had great highs. Jamaican a bit more relaxed euphoric strong cerebral. Thai tends to be up, cerebral, anxiety as does Thai x HS (little mellower with the HS). The Strawberry Blonde is the strongest out of the group with a strong slightly anxious sativa high. Nothing really hallucinogenic or anything like that though. Overall they all have there strengths and weaknesses.

I would highly recommend Strawberry Blonde at the price (and Sweet Tooth and Shiska for that matter). I really like Thai for the up high. Jamaican is a nice pot to watch a movie as it allows one to sit still a bit. Chemo

I tried Haze x Skunk from clones. when flowered at 6-10 inches they ended up about 2-3 feet. They would work. A pure Thai I had ended up at about 5 feet when flowered from clones and could be problematic. Chemo

In the new Dutch Passion catalog, Henk the owner insists on calling his Haze/Skunk cross, which won the Cannabis Cup in 1993, "Super Silver Haze". The Super Silver Haze that won the Cup is by Greenhouse Seeds. Henk is fairly proprietary about names, he has registered many of his own, so he must be fairly convinced the Super Silver Haze is an identical Haze Skunk cross. Haze is the most difficult and challenging of any strain, perhaps Thai sativas also. Haze takes a long time, in a recent interview Ben Dronkers said a true Haze takes 8 months to flower! Yow!

In fact, Haze seeds are very pale, never dark. A seeded Haze takes upwards of 16 - 20 weeks for good seeds. The high is pulse racing, I would say even paranoid. In fact, I have reservations about recommending Haze, because I have seen irregular behaviour in some of its regulars. I think Haze is extremely powerful and cannot be used casually, because it plays to deep emotions as I have observed.

That said, it also makes a difficult cross because often a cross with Haze imparts the Haze flowering time and modest yield but not its intense & dominating high. Ideal crosses would see the Haze stone with a quicker delivery, but in my opinion Haze does not cross indicas well, its better suited to a sativa, whether that be a Skunk (as in Super Silver Haze) or another. I prefer the sativa high of a Durban, Hawaiian Sativa, Sensi Skunk, Joker's Haze/Skunk (not a replica of any Dutch strain).

I must say Willy Jack is busy trying to find the perfect Haze cross, as he has crossed Haze with Black Domina, Big Bud, Jack Herer, Early Girl, Hindu Kush, William's Wonder, and maybe others I've forgot in order to find the perfect cross, maybe take the "edge" off the Haze as well as the desirable quickening of flowering. Marc Scott Emery

Isn't Dutch Passion's variety Haze/Skunk called Super Haze? The Super Silver Haze is Skunk/Haze/NL. I was just at the Greenhouse and they have the genetic backgrounds of most of their seeds printed right on the seed menu. Sensi Claus